The Working Blogcrastinator

Hi, my name is Cheryl, and I’d like to blog at you.

I’d like to, but who knows if I actually will. I’d like to be one of those awesome bloggers that brings you new content on a targeted topic on a daily basis. The kind that develops a community of like-minded readers. The kind with a purpose. The kind that can make a few extra bucks off her blog.

I will probably be none of that. I’m a working freelance writer — I make a living typing words on the screen. Hundreds or thousands of words a day. You would think I’d be able to maintain a blog. Or two. Or three. I’ve sure started enough of them. I’ve had a blog about writing for a living, and one about the time that I worked at a porn store. I have had blogs to talk about politics, social issues, and parenting (all topics that I never shut up about.) I’m newly homeschooling my kids, and I’ve toyed with the idea of a homeschooling blog. Oh, and I had a blog for my writing business, but the domain expired and I’m not so sure I want it anymore… Anyway, I don’t update any of them regularly. I’m too busy working. (and parenting).

As a last-ditch attempt at this whole blogging thing, I decided to throw the whole mess together. What is this whole targeted topic blog thing, anyway? Who has a targeted topic life? Does anyone? Mine is all over the place. I think about lots of things. I talk about lots of things. I write about lots of things. I procrastinate about pretty much everything — except work. (Potential clients, if you’re reading this: I never miss a deadline. Ever. I can’t figure out a way to blog for fun on a regular basis, but I will never let down a paying client.)

So, I’m working, and I spend lots of hours doing that every week, and it pretty much defines my life. But I want to blog. And I will probably procrastinate. A lot. I’m the Working Blogcrastinator, and you’ll get to know me (or not) as I toss up a bunch of content that used to be on other blogs, and then sporadically add to it. Or not.

If you want to chat about this blog, or anything I say on this blog, you can contact me at I’ll probably put up a contact page, but who looks at those? Then again, who emails sporadic bloggers? We shall see!



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