Redundant Writing About Writing About Writing

Is writing about writing redundant? Maybe! But a lot of freelancers and aspiring authors do it, so why shouldn’t I try to get in on the action? I have blog posts about my adventures in freelance writing, and I’m going to add them here. Maybe you want to be a freelance writer, and you want to know what I know. Maybe you are a freelance writer, and you want to read and comment for solidarity with another writer. Or maybe you are a freelance writer and you want to point and laugh, because you’re so much more organized and better at this than me. That’s fine too! I’ll take all comers. Anyone interested in the business of writing is welcome.

Novelists, poets, and other book authors, I’m not leaving you out. I don’t have any posts about writing books, but maybe I will! I’m working on a novel. I have a few other book-like projects kicking around in my brain. And I was a NaNoWriMo winner this past November (2014). But I don’t have a post about that, because are you crazy? I was writing 50,000 words and working that month. I definitely didn’t have time to blog. It’s a small miracle that I stuck with NaNo all month. I was taking it as a sign that I was procrastinating less, but then I signed up for Camp NaNo this April (2015) and promptly forgot all about it until right now. Anyway, book writers are welcome here too. Maybe you can inspire me.


You can find all of my writing about writing here



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