Stuff and Stuff and More Stuff and Piles of Stuff

And this is the catch-all section. I mean, the whole blog is a catch-all section, but I’m not going to keep subdividing it. I have business writing and writing about writing separated out. Everything else will go here. You’ll get my old posts about working in a porn store, and other random posts that don’t fit anywhere. I took a bunch of random content off of Bubblews when they stopped paying reliably, so that will be here. You’ll get book reviews (maybe, anyway, I have at least one old one to put up.) You’ll get politics — that’s the one thing I can probably guarantee; we’re going into an election season. You may get homeschooling thoughts, or other personal/family updates. You will get current events that I feel compelled to comment on. I have no clue what else. If you like random thoughts from a random person, you have found your place. Enjoy!

If you’re not interested in my writing sample posts or posts of a writer writing about writing, you can weed that out by clicking on the category Stuff.

If you only want the porn store stories, you can find them by clicking on the sub-category Porn Store Files. (I know they’re on top and impossible to miss right now, but if/when I add actual new content, they’ll get buried, and who knows if I’d remember to update this post then. Easier to put the link in now.)



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